SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis can be used to identify and evaluate a person, an industry, a product or a place. examining its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on that particular project.

S – Strengths – Characteristics or traits that give an advantage over others

W – Weaknesses – Characteristics or traits that place the team at a disadvantage relative to others

O – Opportunities – Factors that the project could make use of for its own advantage

T – Threats – Factors in the environment that can cause trouble for the business project

Taking the above all into consideration I will now apply the SWOT analysis to my own involvement in this project.


I felt overall the team produced a strong portfolio piece with each and everyone contributing to the final outcome. This all started off as an idea and for it to have finally been published is an amazing achievement I think we can all be proud of! On a personal note I think my strengths in this project laid with being a good team player with good communication skills; As part of the production team I had to try and find quotes from printing companies, they all proved to be very expensive (for students anyway), so I let the rest of the production team know that I was having no luck in finding an appropriate quote this at least made them aware of my struggles. Good concepts; myself and James Andrews actually came up with the title for the book ‘Why I Hate To Love Design’ we were jotting ideas down together and once we had what we thought sounded strong, we ran it by the group to see what they thought, they all also liked the name. I also recommended we each set up a Pintrest account to exchange our visual ideas and research online which the majority of the group used. Good designs; I  felt my final quotes in the end reflected my thought processes which I personally, was quite happy with.


The team on a whole communicated through the social networking site known as Facebook. As we are all students it was almost guaranteed we’d all have an account (someone actually didn’t at the start, but did in the end). We set up a private group on Facebook for us to discuss our ideas about the book, so things like size, number of pages, number of designs each etc.. The only problem I think occurred with this platform of communication, is that not everyone participated in the group discussions. For example someone would ask ‘What time is our next meeting and where is it…?’ there would only be about 5-6 replies considering there weas 11 of us in the group in total. My personal weakness I found in this assignment was my software skills. At times with my quotes I struggled to execute my ideas, simply because my software skills weren’t that strong, this was mainly evident when James Sparkes helped me with some of the designs for my second quote. He actually helped me design the post it note and the TV my versions of those illustrations were not as good unfortunately, but I was able to learn from his skills so in a way i was quite grateful for this weakness.


The brief we set ourselves I feel was a great chance for us as a group to creatively demonstrate our expertise as soon to be graduates. The book acts as a portfolio piece we can each individually take to future interviews and potential employers. I think it was a really useful assignment in terms of us setting ourselves up for the future, whoever we work for and with in future will give us a brief and we as designers will have to fulfil it one creative way or another and for us to all do it together as a last assignment is an amazing achievement. From this experience we can kind of gauge what it would be like working in a group when it comes to reality. My contribution to this book has helped me see that I am very good with working with like-minded people, I have frequently found during my time on this course that I work well when others around me do, they all inspired me one way or another. The book can also provide me with a therapeutic experience when I struggle on a brief and it has happened on numerous occasions during my time spent on this course.


A threat that I think can be a downfall is that the publication we have produced as a group may not be well received as we may like. Our future employers may not like it, this just could be due to them not being particularly interested in it or not understanding the concept we had as design students and or they may not like some of the spreads we have produced on a whole. But either way, we as design students felt this was a good brief to pursue as our last assignment together because it expressed our creativity on a larger scale. Personal threats I found during this assignment was some of the class having stronger design skills, better leadership of an authoritative role and better communication skills, however I do feel I can improve these in due time.