Summary + Future Goals

Overall I have enjoyed the module Contemporary Graphic Design, it has enabled me to think more constructively as a designer with the ideas that I have, I usually tend to go for my first idea and develop that when it comes to designs, (for reasons I honestly don’t know why) but this module in particular has helped me step out of that normality and take each idea I have and see how far I can develop it before it gets to a halt. I think this is very useful for the way I think in future because the first idea I have will always be rough before its developed but polishing ideas has something that has improved whilst studying.

I have also enjoyed the printing and book binding lectures that we have had in this module. They were a bit more hands on and practical, more to my liking. I do wish they were more of those kind of lectures as I had learnt a great deal about an interest I did not even know I had.  I also like the fact Mary (my tutor) brought in guest lectures to come and talk to us about the industry we wish to step in. I think its very important us, as aspiring designers to have word from a consummate professional who has experienced what we are yet to. Personally it gives me a valuable insight into the journey I will take as a graduate, which could prove to be better in foresight than in hindsight.

I have learnt a great amount of technical and practical skill whilst being on this course, from kerning, leading and t  r  a c k  i n g :), to colour theory to layout and composition to functionality and form the list goes on… I am very glad that I’ve had this opportunity to learn such things on this course and hope to apply it to future projects. For the future I just want to continue learning and developing my skills. At the start of this course I actually joined as a product designer so I had no real experience in graphic design, which is why I think I sometimes found it difficult on this course, but I actually found those were the moments I learnt about my real skills as a designer and someone with good concepts it just reassured me and my skills and the fact that i am doing what i’m suppose to be doing (if that makse sense).

Once I completely finish University (wow just listen to that sentence… sorry emotional moment there) I will venture for new paths as a Junior Designer or a design intern. Any opportunity that comes my way I will take with open arms, using the knowledge and experience I have gained from University will help me apply myself and skills to the industry that I wish to go in, as a result I am very grateful for everything I have learnt so far.