Douwe Egberts Hangover Kit Campaign

This is how our final campaign looked once everything was finished our final touches consisted of tweaking the background red because they were a bit too strong for some of the titles to be read.

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The idea behind our campaign was to communicate the hangover kit in a minimalistic contemporary way (as required by the brief). In the end we chose to create a four-poster campaign to exemplify each of the four flavoured syrups, Douwe Egberts (DE) coffee sachet and collectible mugs (that were essentially the product) that we had created. Our colour scheme originated from the deep reds found in other Douwe Egberts products and of course the famous  DE seal. We felt this colour conveyed their heritage and would effectively help associate our campaign with the Douwe Egberts coffee brand. We also thought the kit would appeal to its target audience because it is unique and orientated towards the younger consumer and coffee syrups currently, are very popular so we felt this approach would attract such an audience as required by the brief.

Even though Douwe Egberts are a widely known coffee brand they were aware their recognition and current consumers lies mainly with an older audience. This campaign therefore was set to be aimed at a younger, more current and demographic to entice them to buy Douwe Egberts coffee and formerly bring the coffee at home experience to a younger audience.

Overall myself and Abbi were happy with the end products and campaign as we thought we had achieved what we set out to do, which was to creatively bring the Douwe Egberts coffee brand to a younger consumer market. We felt people would at least want to TRY the kit even if they weren’t regular buyers of the brand that, in itself would at least make them aware of the DE coffee brand.

We then submitted the posters to YCN…

This was our alternate version:

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The only addition we had here was a reflection of the sachet, flavoured syrups and the coffee mug but we didn’t stick with this version because we felt there was too much repetition of that design feature it would ideally have worked better if we had, say just one or two posters.