3rd Quote ideas

The third quote and final quote I had to design read “The journey from ideas to production and the unpredictability of software” the previous version of the quote was “I love the journey from ideas to production, but hate the unpredictability of software” it was just a bit too wordy on the tongue so we as group decided to change all of our quotes so they didn’t include the love and hate aspect (as I previously mentioned) because that is what the book is about anyway and each sdesign will potray the love and hate without us having to physically say it.

The ideas I had for this were similar to my 1st idea in a sense, only with the inclusion of wanting to have a lightbulb on a conveyor belt on one side and the crashing of software on the other side. This quote highlights the journey we make as designers on the out outcome towards creativity but the likelihood taht we may stumble across unforseen circumstances ultimately hindering our final outcome. But we usually don’t let this stop us.

Here is how my first idea looked

3rd quote 1st idea

This is how the first idea looked once designed. Showing this to my class they gave me feedback on how to improve the design, they recommended having the lightbulbs get brighter and brighter but never having it actually fully light up simply because of ‘the unpredictability of software’ we don’t know what could hinder the advancing of our ideas.

The retouched version based on feedback can be seen below.

3rd quote

This was the idea I had received from a cohort suggesting it that the bulb gets lighter and lighter on its journey from ideas to production.

What someone had told me upon the finished design was that the quote can be read separately and it could probably be even shorter. That was something for me to consider for the (actual) final design.


Tutorial & Briefs

The briefs i read over were from the Young creatives Network website (YCN) so i read over them to see which one would be viable.

Create a piece of communication that celebrates the 20th Anniversay of Sonic (SEGA)

The creative challenge:

Sonic will be celebrating his 20th anniversary during 2011. The opportunity is to create a piece of communication that celebrates/is inspired by this and that could be shared and showcased throughout the year. The work could live online, in print, in a physical space or anywhere else for that matter.

This is a very open very creative brief and you are free to respond in any media type including (but not limited to) video, print, paint, audio, online. This should be seen as a piece of a brand communication rather than a specific product communication.

Give new consumers a motivating reason to trade up to Green & Black’s (Green & Blacks)

The creative challenge:

We wish to develop a marketing campaign that gives new consumers a motivating reason to trade up to Green & Black’s above the other premium chocolate brands out there. The creative challenge is to recreate the buzz behind the Green & Black’s brand to encourage even more consumers to try us and fall in love with us.

One of the biggest challenges we face (for both recruitment and retention) as we try to grow is in encouraging consumers to step up to Green & Black’s and pay that little bit more of us. Historically, we’ve found that getting people to taste our chocolate is more likely to get them to buy the brand.

Make the graze brand more distinctive and desirable

The creative challenge:

Part A: The graze box is the embodiment of the graze brand; its charming, natural, honest and premium, but we think it can work even harder and bring more excitement to the food inside and to the brand as a whole. So part A of your challenge is to refresh our graze box. All of the surfaces can be changed but the structure (size, shape and the ways its put together) can’t.

Part B: We like our logo, it say friendly and has charm but we’d love it to be more distinctive and unique. So part B is to redesign our logo. Make graze stand out from the crowd and better communicate what we are all about.

Part C: Part C is a bit different… We want to see how these new elements would work in a direct mail marketing campaign. We see it as a really interesting medium and we’re looking for a creative solution that will stand out from ‘junk mail’ and make people leap onto the internet to sign up.

These are the brief my tutor had given me to review and see which one i would like to do, after reading through all of them i was feeling the Green & Black’s brief and the Graze brand brief the most so i went with them ones for now.

Checking my email i had realised Zara McKenzie from Marine Studios had replied to my email when i was initially asking for a branding/identity brief and her and her team sent me about four briefs to read over ( i actually thought they had forgotten about me) so i was grateful when they responded.

I also showed my tutor the briefs and she amended the one she wanted me to do to suit my field.

Boulton exhibition

We are looking to create a backdrop scheme, or series of backdrops, for this exhibition that will enrich the narrative route of the exhibition and provide a more flexible environment with which to enhance the display of cased and freestanding exhibits. The backdrop will work with the division of the Gas Hall space using the existing screens to create more intimate and responsive spaces and structures. The backdrop will be used to support visual graphics that may incorporate written text, enlarged images, simple child-friendly interactives, graphic representation.

Frued Mueseum London (Exhibition design)

The exhibition designers are asked to provide the following:
• Advice on how best to deliver the key messages of the exhibition within the context of the Freud Museum spaces
• Developing visual style of exhibition which will be applied to: exhibition panels education resources, marketing
materials and launch publicity
• Graphic design of up to 10 panels (A1)
• We would like the design of the panels and publicity materials to also be a template which the Freud Museum can
use for future exhibitions
• Illustrated depiction of Freud’s visit to the NPG, using images of the paintings Freud saw, in the style of a graphic
• Production of Exhibition Panels

Marlowe Theatre (Brochure design)

To design the Marlowe Theatre’s season brochure and Spotlight (The Marlowe Friends membership magazine), three times a year.

The Marlowe Theatre Brochure

The publication is a 40 page, full colour brochure, the publication size is A5, there will be an average of 25 pages of show information where the designer will be creating pages using existing artwork and text, supplied by the theatre producers. There will be an average of 15 house pages, where the designer will work with the theatre on creating entire pages, for services and information including visual elements. The designer will work with an existing set of brand and design guidelines, provided by the theatre.

Design a contemporary canteen collection

The design challenge is to create a bespoke contemporary canteen (change by my tutor from collection of cutlery and crockery) with a strong graphic identity which is inspired by London Transport’s canteen history and design heritage.

Design features to consider:

The canteen must be fit for purpose – that is everyday use

The graphic identity or logo used to brand the products should be multifunctional – that is the design must lend itself to printed packaging, interior branding, advertising, brochures, posters etc.

Originally i was suppose to design a canteen collection (such as fork, knife, spoon, teaspoon, bowl, side plate, dinner plate etc)  but my tutor felt that this would not address my skills so she changed it so that i do the interior branding, advertising,  and all the other stuff that comes with it. I was more than pleased to, so i agreed with it.

This was an actual brief for a competition for Monday 3rd December 2012, but i would not be able to hand it in because i was doing it for an assignment and the deadline would be too early compared to my assignment deadline.

So me & my tutor both agreed that i will do the design a contemporary canteen brief, but i would write-up what exactly she would want me to do using the student brief template on clic.