2nd quote final

I had thought of a way to include the colour that represents each time of day in the quote, what I had previously mentioned I had tried to do. The idea for me to do this was to have the background colour of each illustration showing this thought and change in time of day. I thought it would be a good idea to show the transition like that.

Here is how the final version of the design looked.

2nd quote

This is how the final version looked. I had changed the style of the illustrations just so they could all match up and flow as a design and I had also changed the typeface, I used Archive regular which I think was a nice font. I was happy with the end result because I think I was able to create a little story for other designers or like-minded people to relate to we all know what we do when we procrastinate. Exactly nothing!!


2nd Quote final ideas & experimentation

Once I had my ideas and sketches done I began creating it.

2nd quote draft 2

2nd quote draft

This is how my first idea looked once I had implemented it. What I was trying to accentuate here with the idea is that the post it notes represent each part of the quote (as you can see) so as you read it, it’s as if you are putting off the high priority tasks but its the quote in actual fact. The times also represent each part of the day that you are meant to do (attempt at least) that activity set or target one wishes to meet.I liked this idea at first but I wanted to see what else I could come up with so I continued experimenting.

The second idea was taken from the little illustrations and drawings that I saw from my research, each stage represented part of a story and I thought that was a nice approach I could take especially for the fact that I had four different timings, so essentially something could happen at each interval.

Based on this, the idea was to come up with a mini story for the quote by using little illustrations at different times of the day.

Below is the idea.

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The idea here was to have something that led to procrastination killing the love of for a project actually happening visually. Each time of the day had something that induced procrastination and slowly killed the love for a project one could possibly be working on. At 12:00pm the person was either still sleeping or waking up depends how you can relate to it, at 3:00pm they were watching TV (ironically the show Countdown) at 6:00pm a post it note reminding them to clean their room (or just anything to tidy as we do) and 9:00pm they actually start the work… Or do they?

This idea to me, made more sense to have something happening at each interval just to show what they do whilst they are being unproductive after receiving feedback from my tutor she said she wasn’t too keen on the illustrations as they didn’t really match up. I did agree one design could be a vector the other photography, the other an illustration etc… And in terms of style it didn’t marry up which made it look inconsistent. So she said I could try the idea but just have the time instead and not the illustrations to see how it looks.

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This is how that idea looked once I had removed all the illustrations and just focussed on the times of day that I wanted to draw attention to. I had changed the last time from 9:00pm to 12:00am as someone had mentioned to me that doing that elongates the idea of procrastinating and extends the time period where we attempt to do work. I think it was a good idea so I changed the time to 12:00am. With the last image (the one with the arrows) I had changed the colour of the times to orange/ yellow, blue, purple and dark grey, this was done to reflect the time of day it was through colour, so sunrise/midday, afternoon, evening and night. I think this was good idea to have in the piece however I do think the design itself was lacking so I decided to revert back to my previous idea but add a few changes.

The changes I had made were the layout, the colour of the background and the font.

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I wanted to include the illustrations because I felt it was a stronger piece with the inclusion of them, it made it more of a story for myself and most importantly others to relate to.

I still wanted to include the colour for the time of day for each appropriate timing so I would have to think of a way to do that, I also wanted to make sure the design style all looked similar, before I could say I had a final design for this quote.

2nd Quote ideas

The second quote (once love and hate was removed from it) read “Procrastination can kill the love for a project” as opposed to “I love and enjoy the amount of productive time you can spend on a project, but hate when you get stuck and start to procrastinate” that one was really wordy wasn’t it?

Similar to my approach with the 1st quote, I started of with research by looking at potential routes and ideas I could take to design this quote, at first I really had no clue how was this was going to pan out but with my 1st one I had a brief idea so that was good but on with research I went.

Here are the images that I looked at to help get me started.

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The approach I had with this quote was to try and emphasise the procrastination and the love for a project bit. When you’re not massively enthused by a project you may try to find any means to put it off and ‘attend to it later’ (Similar to my 1st quote I’ve gone through this many times whilst studying). You’re either at a stage where you’re stuck and can’t really move on demotivating your overall enthusiasm for the project, or you know what needs to be done, yet you still think cleaning your room, playing Xbox and or watching the latest soap or TV series takes priority well I’m afraid it doesn’t… I should know lol. The images I have above all kind of show the procrastination side and not necessarily the love for a project bit.

I mainly took inspiration from the little illustrations of the person procrastinating at different stages 1. false security, 2. laziness, 3. excuses, 4. denial and 5. crisis. This is the process i have taken (I’m sure others may have) many times when I’ve wanted to start a project and never really found that moment to officially start until the deadline inevitably looms EEK! The other thing that helped me start creating ideas was the cork board, I know you can put thumbtacks and sticky notes on them and that in itself had formed another idea in my head.

Once I had these ideas I started to sketch them.


The first idea came from being timed to deliver a project and not getting any kind of inspiration, ultimately killing the love for a project I also sketched the chewed pencil idea on a blank piece of paper which was one of the ideas for my 1st quote. I felt this could also relate to the situation, in the sense that you’re not being inspired by anything you’re just killing the love for the project by biting the pencil . The second idea was someone sleeping the day away and not being conscious of the time they’re losing, so I drew a pillow and a clock but with no hands to indicate no time, just to highlight the fact the sleeper (aka procrastinator) thinks he or she has  got a lot of time to do the project. The third idea was a race track someone holding the finish line and no one actually crossing it I think this idea just exemplifies the idea of procrastination the person can’t even finish a race.

The fourth and fifth idea were similar in the sense that a person was literally just being lazy and relaxing when they know they should be doing something more productive. The sixth idea focuses on having a neat and tidy workspace for your project but one hasn’t actually started, the notepad reads the times 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm and 9:00pm the four 3 hour intervals between each time. The 7th idea again focusses on time but just having different clocks alarming someone of their amount of procrastination towards their project. The 8th and 9th idea were similar as well they highlighted the fact that you set yourself targets and post them around (some may use a cork board) and remind yourself of tasks that need to be completed and so you could use post it notes and thumbtacks, but I switched the idea to posting time, (don’t really know where that one came from).

The 10th and 11th idea was just writing on a chalkboard with the option to do the task now or later… and of course later was ticked as a procrastinator does.

The main idea that I wanted to develop from here was the focus on time (because that’s what we run out of eventually) and posit notes being placed on a corkboard setting ourself targets and not actually meeting them. Unfortunately.


1st quote final

Once I had removed the black gradient in the background and the changed the font of the quote to Futura Bk BT I had the final version of the quote.

Below is how the final version looked.

1st quote

We had received news that the dimensions of the book had changed to 146mm x 146mm with a 2mm bleed and margins set as; TOP: 12mm BOTTOM: 21mm OUTSIDE 15mm and INSIDE 28mm this meant our designs needed to be catered to adhere to these new settings.

This was how my final quote looked with all the necessary changes made on a technical and visual level. I was happy with my end results because I feel this is a frustration I’ve gone through a lot (I’m sure a lot of others do) on my years spent on this course so I could really relate to this and glad i chose this quote to design. Hope you like it 🙂

1st quote final ideas

Once i had decided on the colour of background (blue) I moved on to making the bulb look as if it were actually moving what I used here was a motion blur that gave the debris and the bulb the illusion of movement which I felt added something a little extra to the piece. Once I had the design of the bulb ready i wanted to include the quote in the piece as well as it is going on a double page spread I didn’t want the bulb and the quote to be on just one side so I incorporated the quote into it here is how it looked.

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Here I had added the quote as well (as at the time the book size was to be 21.5cm x 21cm but this would change later on) on one side of the page and given the overall page a subtle texture of broken glass, I felt this gave the page a bit more life and meaning in terms of the shattered glass anyway. With the quote I decided to highlight the words ‘good idea’ in yellow just to translate the bulb idea into the text as well, again trying to create more meaning to the piece but through the quote. When someone gets an idea a bulb lights up yellow and simply but that’s where the idea came from.

After a tutorial with my lecturer she had giving me a new idea about tracing the bulb and the debris (just the outline anyway) and then bringing it into Photoshop and highlighting it, I was on board to try this idea hebcause it was something new and i had not thought of.

Here is how it looked.


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Here is the outline idea looked, I liked the idea but I genuinely preferred my initial one and having asked my classmates they had also agreed with me so that made me stick to the one I had originally created.

Once i had my final idea it was next for me to brush up the overall design and the typeface, here I was using the font Franklin Gothic Medium it wasn’t a great font so I changed it more or less.

1st Quotes experimentation

I also had another idea of trying to juxtapose two bulbs one just before it smashes and one when it’s in the process of smashing here is how that attempt looked.


What I was trying show here was the process of actually losing that idea but with two bulbs, so on the left the light bulb begins to dimmer and on the right the bulb begins to smash with the debris scattering to the other side, just to emphasise that process of forgetting the good idea. I didn’t actually like this attempt or idea so I went back to my other ones. For the bulbs here I had also removed the gradient as I felt that they should only be included if there was a light source when technically there wasn’t!


1st Quotes experimentation

Once I had my idea of how I wanted the final piece to look I began to create it

Here is how it started looking once I had implemented it into Photoshop.

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Based on the idea of having the cracked bulb being the main focus, I wanted to mainly highlight that about the quote and I think doing that was the right approach based on what I was aiming for.

Here I was just experimenting with different colours and whether to  have the actual bulb alongside the debris or just to have debris which could also represent the quote, the only thing I felt with just having the debris is that others might not necessarily understand what is trying to be said so I left that idea and continued with including the bulb and the debris.

The colours blue and red stood out to me the most, so these are the colours I was mainly focussing on for the background