In this assignment I was required to create my own brief and project which focuses on a specific interest. I started of by researching into what i could do for it, i like a lot of things so i didn’t really research every avenue just the ones that i more generally tend to focus on, on a frequent basis they were, films/documentaries, photography, music, quotes and football. These were the topics i wanted to focus on this time round because at the moment these are my main interests. To narrow it down i wanted to pick two to combine and i decided i would pick photography and football one because i have never done a project on football and two because i enjoy looking at visually stimulating images they are good for the eyes i believe. I decided to create a football fanzine at first it was suppose to be a magazine but after a few meetings with the tutor we found what i was producing was a fanzine. So the intention of the project was to create a football fanzine based on the midfield position in football and give insight into that position of play.

As i was creating the fanzine I wasn’t that confident about the layout of it and using InDesign  (a program i was unfamiliar with). However I had another module which was using the same program (Layout) where we had to redesign a magazine so i would definitely be able to pick up skills a lot quicker because of the hours spent using that particular software. I was able to learn layout elements such margins, columns, grids etc to help produce the fanzine in Indesign.

The things that went well with the fanzine was the actual production; using Indesign i was able to place where i wanted certain features, articles, and images for example and this helped the production come along as i was not printing it i felt using Indesign could allow the viewer to see how grids, columns and margins were used.

I think the things that didn’t go so well with the production of the fanzine was the fact i kept changing my mind and ideas at different intervals which kept disrupting the flow at which i worked on it and giving me less time to make changes at a latter stage. At first it was going to be a magazine that featured a poster but then that changed to a fanzine without any posters, as i had taken my own images to feature in the fanzine i initially was suppose to give them an effect or manipulate them in a way, i decided not to do that anymore because once i had seen how it looked, i felt it ruined the overall flow of the fanzine, i  couldn’t use all the images that i had taken as some were not that great in quality which meant i had to mix them with images from the internet and seen as it was a fanzine it would have been better to use my own.

After showing someone my fanzine (Pete Micklewright) he said he liked it but i should change a few things if i was ever wondering to publish it, concerning the discussion i had with him i would change the front cover, the mathshead should go at the top (but i was trying to do something different), the mathshead for each new page should be different for example Pete mentioned the title ‘Killer Pass’ could have a jagged K for the word killer as it would give off the right connotations associated with the illustration, i would  change the styling as i need to have my own sort of dynamic style for the fanzine (maybe a lack of research on my part contributed to that), maybe colours tints, colour shadows etc, and lastly i would change maybe some of the page’s layouts as i felt a better use of grids would have helped me along the way but as i was still learning the software i would obviously be quite inaccurate with some of my decisions.

Overall i was satisfied i was able to create a project for one of my main interests, the errors i made are something to consider for futures products.


Fanzine: Front Cover Ideas

Here are the ideas i had for the front cover of my fanzine.

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Looking at the colour schemes of other fanzines i noticed that their front cover used the same colours associated with the teams (as stated in a previous post) but as my fanzine wasn’t focusing on a specific team rather a position on the field i didn’t really have a specific colour scheme, so i decided to go for the colour that is seen on the football pitch itself, green and white.

The first cover uses three images that i took myself  i wasn’t really going for a structured look which is why i almost placed them randomly if you like, i was also trying to get a feel of how it could look.

The second cover uses the same images however i decided to use the pitch image and have it cover the whole size of the a4 because i thought on the previous one the background looked a bit too plain for my liking so using the pitch images removes the plainness and gives the audience something to look at rather than a white background.

The third one uses the pitch again however i decided to just use this images to not detract from the subject (midfield) i also added a green rectangle to the left hand side because i felt with just the one image it looked too plain again adding the green rectangle gave it an edge.

Similar to the third idea although this time i decided to put the green rectangle on top and at the bottom just to see how it looked compared to the other layout i slightly liked this one more because it almost looks symmetrical making it look a bit more appealing.

The fifth idea uses the rectangles again but this time i decided to repeat them across the front cover again, just to see what it looks like, using the same image (of the midfield area of the pitch) i felt it looked quite good compared to some of the football fanzines i have seen they have used a similar style but obviously in relation to the colour of the specific team.

The sixth idea is also similar to the third and fourth in the sense that the main image is right in the middle and the background is plain, originally i thought that just having the background white was a bit too plain hence the green rectangles but after seeing it in practice it doesn’t look that bad particularly with the supporting text.

The final idea revolves around the images that feature in the actual magazine being on the front cover of the fanzine, i done this because i thought this would give an indication to the fans exactly what the fanzine will be about particularly with the use of supporting text. The front cover images are also featured in the fanzine making and instant connection.

Fanzine: Front Cover Sketches

Here are some of the sketches i done of how the front cover could possibly look like.

Here are some of the sketches i done in relation to the front cover of my fanzine, during my research i found that the front covers don’t really have an order they mainly have a title, price and other information that  will be featured in the fanzine. As its made by a fan for the fans i figured that is probably the reason everything on their isn’t official its all done by the creator.

On the first pages of sketches i was trying to figure out if i wanted more images on the front cover or if i wanted more text in order to engage with the right audience instantly one of them has to appeal more and in these sketches i chose image, if i use the correct image then i will be able to appeal to the audience almost instantly.

On the second page of sketches i was still focused on using the image to attract the audience however i realised i needed to make some of the images a bit smaller as they were too big some of the other ideas i had weren’t sketched so i instantly put it into Indesign in the likelihood that i forgot some of them.

Fanzine Construction

Here is another screen dump of me putting laying out images and the text into Indesign appropriately using the base line grids and the rows and columns i was able to partially get it to look like a magazine format even though that is not exactly what i am going, as it is a fanzine it is not a formal publication therefore there aren’t much restrictions in regards to format and dimensions.