QSL Cards

A QSL card is a way of communicating via a radio, the Cards were exchanged by amateur radio users as a way to confirm transmission after a contact with an identical radio user had taken place. The cards contained the time and date of contact, technical equipment used to communicate, personal message that the user wants the recipient to receive and radio users were often recognised for their good connection which makes them more reputable.

Here is my own version of a QSL Card it is based on one of my favourite colours and a sport i like to play.



When it came to the actually typography i was looking at geometric san-serif fonts because i felt they could accurately represent what i was going for, in a digital sort of format. Geometric san-serif fonts are composed using basic geometric shapes, resulting in a tidy and elegant aesthetic, these fonts exhibit modern and clean characteristics so i felt it would suit the look i was going after. Here are a few fonts that i selected to put in my final production i had to narrow them down from at least ten.


I felt overall my layouts were successful in what i was trying to express about downloading. Even though it is illegal musical artists do not fully condone it they feel it is a step in becoming more known  and discovered by the fans or the general public.

When i first started i wasn’t sure how i was going to portray the internet, streaming and file sharing on the squares but through research, trial and experimentation i was able to come up with ideas on how i will show it. Although i might not have accurately represented the whole idea of streaming and downloading on the squares (through curves and shapes) i feel that the quotes will provide back up. If i was to do anything different i would probably have used the same typography all the way through (however that could have been boring) to keep the fonts consistent, but i wanted to avoid having the same typeface on all squares which is why i altered them. I also could have probably used different colours for the squares and the fonts. The reason i used the colours white and grey on majority of the squares is because they were two contrasting colours and white usually shows up well on a dark background. One square is fully black because i wanted to draw attention to it, the quotes on there are the main points about my argument so i had to make it different. The rest of the quotes are green because they were downloaded fonts (i imported them into illustrator) and when you download the bar is usually green so i thought green would be an accurate colour to represent this. The curved lines, repetitive circles and the dots all represent the streaming, downloaing and sharing aspect of the internt.

To sum up i think the final execution of the squares were good however i still think improvements could have been made to make it even better.



As i am new to illustrator i tried to work my way around the software i first  found it difficult to locate certain tools but after excessive use for the assignment i was able to pick up those tools locations. I began experimenting with different colours, styles, shapes, curves, lines and arrows here are some images of my experimenting. Here are some examples of the curves i was trying to create i felt this could represent the whole idea of streaming on the internet as it is a continuous flow between your computer and another.

I felt this was another good way to show streaming online, as you see on the internet when you want to watch a video online it has to buffer for a few seconds before anything is played and usually they are circles, so i also thought i would try yo use the circles to represent streaming.

For this one i decided to use arrows because that way it will be clear to the audience what direction the connection will be travelling in and visually i think it would be that much more easier to interpret.

Still focussing on the arrow idea, i just changed the shape of the arrow as i thought the previous one was slightly too big for the circle and composition as a whole.

This is a completely different idea i felt this was a way to show peer-to-peer as the others just showed connection route and direct travel, i feel with different colours this could have been a successful alternative for the arrows.

In this one i have also completely changed it from the previous one here i was experimeting with how i could show the p2p network as a whole and i think this was a strong way to show it as the squares represent the area and the repetitive circles portray the network connection or network connectivity.


Another thing to consider would be the colours that i use in the squares, the lines, circles and any other shape that i will put in my composition, here is a little image of the colours which i decided i could use.

The colours i will mostly consider using are yellow, green, grey, blue and orange, through my search on what colours represent connectivity they were the most popular colours. So i thought i should also incoorporate it into my piece because of the fact that they are the most popular colours.