Douwe Egberts Hangover Kit Campaign

This is how our final campaign looked once everything was finished our final touches consisted of tweaking the background red because they were a bit too strong for some of the titles to be read.

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The idea behind our campaign was to communicate the hangover kit in a minimalistic contemporary way (as required by the brief). In the end we chose to create a four-poster campaign to exemplify each of the four flavoured syrups, Douwe Egberts (DE) coffee sachet and collectible mugs (that were essentially the product) that we had created. Our colour scheme originated from the deep reds found in other Douwe Egberts products and of course the famous  DE seal. We felt this colour conveyed their heritage and would effectively help associate our campaign with the Douwe Egberts coffee brand. We also thought the kit would appeal to its target audience because it is unique and orientated towards the younger consumer and coffee syrups currently, are very popular so we felt this approach would attract such an audience as required by the brief.

Even though Douwe Egberts are a widely known coffee brand they were aware their recognition and current consumers lies mainly with an older audience. This campaign therefore was set to be aimed at a younger, more current and demographic to entice them to buy Douwe Egberts coffee and formerly bring the coffee at home experience to a younger audience.

Overall myself and Abbi were happy with the end products and campaign as we thought we had achieved what we set out to do, which was to creatively bring the Douwe Egberts coffee brand to a younger consumer market. We felt people would at least want to TRY the kit even if they weren’t regular buyers of the brand that, in itself would at least make them aware of the DE coffee brand.

We then submitted the posters to YCN…

This was our alternate version:

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The only addition we had here was a reflection of the sachet, flavoured syrups and the coffee mug but we didn’t stick with this version because we felt there was too much repetition of that design feature it would ideally have worked better if we had, say just one or two posters.


Ideas and experimentation

These were the mug only ideas that we had, they would initially go alongside the Douwe Egberts (DE) sachet and flavoured syrups:

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These were the sachet + flavoured syrups idea that would go hand in hand with the collectible mugs (here we were just playing with ideas on how to portray the flavoured syrup and the DE sachet):

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This was the idea we had of packaging the products as one so the DE sachet, the flavoured syrup and the collectible mug. Then our initial equation idea before we began to develop it.

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Of all the ideas we had we decided to simply stick with the equation idea (as previously mentioned) as we felt it effectively communicated our products in the hangover kit.

Campaign Ideas

As we were going for a minimalistic approach for the campaign (simply because we didn’t have the physical products).

Here were our sketches for the campaign ideas:


Our fist idea (first image) was to have an equation to represent the  products being used together, so initially the poster advert would read the flavoured syrup + the Douwe Egberts (DE) sachet = the cup of coffee depending on the flavoured syrup would be represented by the colour of the mug, for example a ginger flavoured syrup would mean a ginger coloured mug all in all making the product more of a set.

The second idea was to have all the coloured mugs alongside the flavoured syrups and the DE sachet, but all four flavours and mugs would be seen in one poster. The problem we had with this idea was that everything seemed too bunched together and didn’t necessarily flow as a campaign so we didn’t settle on this idea.

The third idea we had for the poster campaign was to package all of the coffee products into the coloured mug. So the sachet and the flavoured syrup alongside the different coloured mug would stand each as a separate poster all including the DE products. Each poster would represent a different flavoured syrup and of course a different coloured mug.

Our fourth and fifth (idea circled) idea saw us return to the equation idea we had at the start, as at the time we (and our lecturer) thought it was our strongest and simplest idea to communicate the products that come in the hangover kit. At this stage we had simplified the products to a flavoured syrup, a DE coffee sachet and the collectible coloured coffee mug finally excluding the coaster. Here we were just trying to develop the idea.

Our sixth idea was to have three posters and only show one coffee mug, one DE coffee sachet and one flavoured syrup in each poster to convey the idea as the items being used together, again we felt this idea although good wasn’t strong enough to illustrate what we were trying to communicate about the overall hangover kit.

In the end we decided to settle on the equation idea (second image) simply because we felt it strongly conveyed our products being used as a set and it could simply be portrayed by a series of posters. So each poster would show a different flavoured syrup a DE coffee sachet and a coloured collectible coffee mug.


Abbi wanted to make the sachets look a bit more 3d so she went away and tweaked them. I agreed with her because as we don’t physically have any products for the campaign and everything is being digitally created; we felt we should try and make the products look realistic as possible and making them look 3d was effective in what we were trying to achieve!

Here were the newer redesigns:

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Myself and Abbi went away to improve the designs Kate mentioned to us, this in turn was the coffee mug and the series of sachets as it stood at the moment they were not matching in terms of aesthetics and also as a package so that needed to be worked on in order to achieve the desired results.

Here is how the new designs for the flavoured syrup and Douwe Egberts (DE) coffee sachets looked:

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These are the redesigns of the DE coffee sachet and flavoured syrups Abbi made. They were a bit more cleaner and they all matched and at this point we were both happy with this aspect of the products.

Here are my redesigns of the coloured coffee mugs:

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These are how the redesigns of the mug looked once redone. Kate stated that the other mugs were not visually correct in the sense that the bottom surface shouldn’t be rounded and it should sit straight, because as it stands the mug isn’t resting on anything so it would make morse sense if it was straight. She also said the shading and the colours on the mug were quite harsh so they were toned down. In the end me and Abbi were happy with our results and it was time to move onto our campaign ideas.



At this stage we were ready to move on to the campaign, but before we did this we wanted to ensure that Kate (our lecturer) was happy with our products that were going to be included in the campaign as that is what we have to do for the brief.

She highlighted that our designs at this point did not match an example the sachets i designed were different from the ones Abbi had created so it wouldn’t look like the products were part of a set so a bit more work would need to be done in order to show that it is just one brand (Douwe Egberts).

As we also had campaign ideas we ran them by Kate so she could understand where we were going with it once the products were officially completed. Myself, Abbi and Kate realised that we couldn’t really include the coaster in the campaign so we decided to get rid of it. We wanted to go for a simple minimalistic approach as that appears to be something that is contemporary something that was also highlighted on the YCN brief