In the second essay we were asked to explore the ways in which individuals can be seen to actively work against the rhetorical position of a text  e.g. by producing mash-ups, by pirating material, by finding alternate ways of doing things, by hacking games or cheating systems. We are to analyse the transgressive aspect of a medium of your choice.

At first i was unsure what to talk about as i only knew a few examples of transgressive acts but they weren’t really of my specific interest. So i went to discuss with my tutor about potential topics and after speaking with my tutor he was able to help me discover what i would enjoy talking about as the topic would relate to me in a certain way which could help me express my viewpoints clearer as i would have some sort of knowledge in the chosen subject.

The topics in which i am in favour of deciphering are YouTube ripping and time shifting. YouTube ripping is the act of downloading YouTube videos and allowing the user to ignore assigned adverts, comments and any form of social interaction it also allows the user to adjust audio and visual quality videos are not always of a high-resolution so the idea of tampering allows a sense of freedom which is not the case on YouTube.

The time shifting was based on the fact that digital tv nowadays grants the user to pause during live tv, rewind, record  and fast forward. These options provide the audience to have total control because one could pause live tv (me) during the adverts make yourself conveniently busy for the number of minutes allocated to adverts and then resume the program once adverts are approximately over by fast forwarding. The problem with this is that an adverts job is to make the audience purchase whatever is being offered and if users skip adverts on tv the stations providing the adverts are most likely going to lose revenue because the adverts on tv are not being watched as a result tv companies are not doing there jobs. Although we decided this wasn’t a compelling enough example of a transgressive act we thought it merely brushed the surface.


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