Essay no.2 – Question:

The question for the essay:

What are the methods, justifications and impacts of transgression on the rhetorics of a media of your choice?

Here is what i believe the essay it asking: Methods – explain why is it a form of transgression or is a transgressive act; Justification – why is it okay to behave in a transgressive manner; Impact – reflective what they’ve actually done for it to be considered as transgression.

Other question to target during the essay:

How are people transgressing the rhetorical position of a text?

What ways do they justify these actions?

What relationship does this have with the development or long-term security of a text?

Biopower, Detourment, Resistance, Multitude and Tribal Consumers are the theories that contextualize the transgressive act, i will also aim to discuss these in the essay as much as i can understand them.



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